Out with the old and in with new embraces Victorian farmer, Dale Trevorrow. Dale has always been told how it can’t be done in agriculture but he embraces the challenge with open arms. He runs a successful irrigated cropping and grazing enterprise in a region where he was advised this area was unsuitable for.

People criticised the decision 15 years ago but he hasn’t looked back. He made the comment that younger generations aren’t so set in their ways and he was very open minded in terms of alternative methods that make everything more profitable.

Humbled in their approach, Dale and his wife Michelle deny the title of being pioneers of irrigation in the region but appreciate the compliments. When its pouring into the casher bin they don’t notice the increase of a couple of tonnes to the hectare but when the numbers are displayed on paper, make the world of difference. If you can get those results every year makes farming extremely lucrative.

Dale is always on the lookout for further innovation and opportunity.

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