James and Chrissy Robson of Ross Hill Wines are environmentalists at heart and are dedicated to reducing their impact on the earth. Their dedication has led them to become Australia’s first ever and only carbon neutral winery in 2016. Increased brand awareness and boosted profits are some of the doors being opening by becoming carbon neutral.

Their commitment to having no output and no impact on the earth drove them to improve business processes. James’ father Peter who is chemical engineer by trade, has come across groups who are researching winery’s grape waste being turned into biodiesel use.

The Ross Hill winery’s road to carbon neutrality starts from reducing their carbon footprint through employing sustainable measures and therefore offsetting the carbon emissions they could not reduce. Some measures include reducing tractor hours by 40%, decreasing water usage by 75%, changing electric motors to variable speed, pesticide free production, low energy light bulbs and implementing a waste recycling program. They also received a grant in 2013 to assist in funding a solar panel system on the winery’s roof which reduced electric and gas costs by 40%.

Ross Hill Winery rates in the top 4.9% of Australian wineries having received 5 red stars for the last 4 years.

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