Cattle Baron is Australia’s first beef industry board game. It was launched last month during the early stage of Beef Australia 2018 at Rockhampton, Queensland. The game was created by Beef Central and has been received with an overwhelming response, the first print run sold out in 5 days throughout the event.

The game is fun and engaging and has been designed for people within and outside the industry to learn more about the challenges Australian cattle producers face in their day to day working lives. Players are put in charge of their own Australia cattle station, develop their pastures, create water points and fences, invest in livestock and expand the herd. The winner of the game is the first player to completed a fully developed, fully stocked cattle business with the highest standard of genetics. However players beware – just like in the real word, players are faced with obstacles such as droughts, bush fires or economic swings.

Throughout the game, players learn Australian cattle producers work in an unpredictable environment with different sporadic seasons and volatile markets to improve their land in a sustainable way¬† to produce premium quality beef for the world. From research conducted in November 2017 from the National Farmers Federation indicated 83% of Australians describe their connection with farming as either distant or non existence. Food production can be regarded as ‘out of sight, out of mind’ with most city people now far removed from agriculture and don’t understand it’s importance for everyone.

The co-developer of the game, James Nason, understands the need for creative ways of bridging the gap between urban and rural communities and this is definitely a great idea. A short YouTube clip about the game is below.


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