We think it’s important that you get to know to us and the eFarmers story.

eFarmers is an online service connecting producers and consumers through our agricultural marketplace. We shorten the supply chain through our ecommerce website as the main avenue to securely sell your produce and a way to conveniently source your food.

The eFarmers team is very passionate about farming, food and fibre and it is our mission to simplify agricultural transactions. As the most direct way to purchase agri products, consumers can appreciate where their food comes from while Australian and New Zealand farmers are proud of how essential their produce is.

eFarmers is ‘your agri emporium’ and has listings for anything relating to agricultural and farming including produce, livestock, raw materials, consumables and equipment. Both B2C and B2B transactions can occur, eliminating the middleman and the costs associated with this.

We are the one stop shop and have teamed up with transport communities. The inbuilt transportation system will benefit everyone involved in the transaction:

  • Sellers: greater conversion of sales as buyers receive less resistance by offering transport (particularly for bulky goods and livestock)
  • Buyers: making traditionally hard, online transactions easier by having transport options included with certain listings
  • Livestock and rural transporters: ability to receive consistent work and increased back loading

With fewer resources required, reduced selling costs and a transparent sales process, sellers and buyers on eFarmers are able to gain a competitive advantage, closing the gap between producers and consumers.

The team is not only passionate about farming, food and fibre but eFarmers invests a lot of time and money into marketing. Our unique advertising strategies not only attracts more genuine viewers to your listings but also gives your listings a digital footprint and promotion to the global market.

The team is dedicated to our mission and obsessed with our core values:

  • Customer Focussed – eFarmers is tailored for our users and we want to personally provide support to all our customers
  • Innovation – We are changing ‘the way that it has always been done’ and truly believe our users will benefit from our website and mission
  • Farming, Food and Fibre – We love the agricultural industry and are dedicated to all the stakeholders through the supply chain. Our support is for the individuals and companies in farming, food and fibre – the backbone of the economy
  • Research and Development – We will never be 100% perfect and encourage continuous growth by being obsessed with progress, not perfection. We are committed to continual learning and personal development so please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions and recommendations
  • Technology and Marketing – By sharing our tech knowledge and marketing expertise, we can support Australian and New Zealand farmers. The agricultural industry will remain at the forefront in the digital world

We are a private and Australian owned company with a clear mission to support and maintain this prosperous industry.

eFarmers – Your Agri Emporium